Meizu aiming to launch phone with Super mCharge but not for a while

Over at MWC, Meizu really turned some heads with its latest fast charging feature. Dubbed Super mCharge, the new fast charge solution sees batteries fully charged in record time. Demo’s of the system showed that a smartphone could charge from 0% – 100% in just 20 minutes!

The Super mCharge system will be made up of a fast charger, onboard charging hardware and a high performance battery which won’t be effected by extremely rapid charing.

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It’s likely that Meizu will wait until they have a new flagship before they make Super mCharge available to smartphone users, and the company have already teased that they don’t plan on releasing the technology until early 2018!

It will be interesting to see if the Super mCharge is still as phenomenally fast once it launches early next year, or if other smartphone manufacturers will have already caught up with tech of their own.

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