Gretel A9: 7 ways to use the phone’s USB OTG feature (video)

The Gretel A9 is one of the few 5-inch phones getting launched in the past months, if not years. While being smaller than its competition the phone still packs some interesting features like USB OTG. Today, Gretel have released a new video showing off 7 things the device can do with the technology. Let’s have a look!

As showed in the video, through OTG you can do stuff like playing videos or other files stored on external USB devices, allowing you to easily bring with you additional content to the one you already have on your device.

The USB OTG function of the Gretel A9 also allows to pair a wireless mouse, keyboard or gamepad. This could come in handy if for some reason the touch screen doesn’t respond, you can still use your phone with the mouse cursor and check that everything else works until you get it fixed. Or you can simply connect a keyboard and use it as it were a tablet PC with an external keyboard, sure it won’t be as portable but if you need to type fast then it’d be a good solution.

Through USB OTG you can also add some more radical accessories, such as mini fans or a flexible LED light, for those times the phone own LED flash doesn’t cut it.

The Gretel A9 is currently on sale for $69.99 with a clear case and screen protector, it can be found here on Aliexpress. For more info about the phone check out Gretel’s official website.

That’s not all, go and try to win a Gretel A9 in the giveaway running over here.

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