LeEco seems in deep trouble, delays payment of its US employees

Well this doesn’t come as a surprise but unfortunately it can’t be good. It seems that according to a recent article by Bloomberg, LeEco managed to delay the payment of its US employees for 4-5 days last week!

OK, perhaps for some of you 4 or 5 days doesn’t seem like something to report, but it is indeed, if you’re talking about a multi-million company with no experience in a foreign market, and hints at LeEco’s deep financial problems during the past 8 months. Don’t forget that the Chinese company had recently stalled the acquisition of US-based TV maker Vizio due to – possibly- the inability to come up with the $2 billion needed to complete it.


According to the same reports, the US office of the company is getting ready to close, and all those employees will be terminated, which is another blow to the company’s credibility. However, according to LeEco officials, the company is still there, fighting to become competitive by releasing soon, smartphones like the LeEco Le Max 3 for example (seen at the image above).

We will keep an eye on LeEco’s struggle to avoid the worst, and hope that the company will manage to overcome all of its financial issues.

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