Geotel Quality Controls: Here’s how they manage them!

The newly born and growing brand Geotel have just revealed some info on how they produce their well built devices. Let’s have a closer look at what every phone goes through!

Geotel smartphones get tested for drops and heavy dust at least six times, before they are ready for shipping. But they also have other tests both software and hardware that ensure the device is solid and will last a long time in users hands. For example: tumble test, receiver test, TP test and battery test.

Being a new brand, Geotel wants to let everybody know they don’t skimp on components as well, they are indeed partners with big companies such as Samsung, MediaTek, Corning and more. Their phones equip high quality hardware and it’s all certified, they do not lie about the specifications as some others might do.

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Here below you can see all the specific stress tests their phones have to pass and how many times for each before hitting the shelves.

In this other image we can instead see some additional tests, like software, IMEI numbers, SMT tests and more. Very fundamental for the device to work correctly.

You can learn more about the latest Geotel phone —the Geotel Note — or buy one over here.

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