Megawheels TW01 Hoverboard with UL2272 Certification (Video Unboxing)


Hoverboards and electric scooter maker — Megawheels — have just unveiled their latest product, it’s an hoverboard and it comes with UL2272 certification, but what does that mean? Let’s learn more about it!


Beginning with what’s probably the most important factor in nowadays electronics: safety. In the past hoverboards have had problems with suddenly catching on fire because of bad manufacturing. Because of that regulators have put some new voluntary safety standard which is named UL 2272. This certification has been create in 2016 and it addresses risks regarding hoverboards.

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In this case, the TW01 has passed all these tests and got the UL 2272 certification, meaning it’s really safe for use. Batteries have been produced by Samsung and also the charger has passed strict tests. All these measure will prevent the hoverboard from catching on fire or even exploding.

Another important factor in electric vehicles is weight and design. You aren’t always able to ride your board so you will have to pick it up from time to time. The Megawheels TW01 weighs 12.5Kg, which isn’t the lightest out there, but that’s mostly due to the bigger Samsung battery they equipped it with.

Design wise, it’s not that unique but it does the job, it packs 6.5-inch wheels with a nice aluminum cover which protects them and it’s available in four colors: black, white, blue and red.

Megawheels hoverboards get shipped with the hoverboard, UL certified charger and a manual for instruction. Here below you can see a video unboxing of the Megawheels TW01. Learn more about it on their official website.

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