MGCOOL Explorer 1S vs SJ6 LEGEND: Best Budget 4K Action Camera?

Action cameras are getting cheaper by the day thanks to the influence of Chinese manufacturers like MGCOOL and SJCAM that constantly release cameras with better specs and lower prices. In this case we’re going to compare the latest 4K video recording cameras from the two Asian companies. Which one is going to fare better? Keep reading to find out!

MGCOOL Explorer 1S vs SJ6 LEGEND

MGCOOL Explorer 1S vs SJ6 LEGEND


On the MGCOOL Explorer 1S we have a 2-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 240, meanwhile the SJ6 Legend features a same-size 2-inch display but with an ultra-responsive touch interface. The camera also offers a front-facing 1-inch display that shows additional info. In this department the SJ6 Legend has a clear edge over the Explorer 1S.


The MGCOOL Explorer 1S and SJ6 Legend both pack the same Novatek NT96660 SoC, so you can expect pretty similar video processing. Additionally you can use 64GB microSD cards on the Explorer 1S, this detail is still not clear for the SJ6 Legend.

MGCOOL Explorer 1S


The MGCOOL Explorer 1S comes with a Sony IMX079 image sensor which can capture 20MP photos and record 4K videos at 24fps. Meanwhile the SJ6 Legend features a Panasonic MN34120PA that also records 4k videos at 24fps but photos are limited to a maximum 16MP resolution.

Lens wise, the Explorer 1S is equipped with a super wide 170-degree lens, where the SJ6 Legend stops at 166°. Not a big difference but still, if you want more immersive videos the Explorer 1S will be slightly better.


The SJ6 Legend action cam packs a 1000mAh capacity battery, meanwhile on the Explorer 1S we get a bigger 1050mAh battery that allows to record 80 minutes of non-stop Full HD videos. The camera also charges in 2 hours with the included 5V/1A power adapter.


MGCOOL managed to make the Explorer 1S waterproof even without an additional case, you can submerge the camera up to 30 meters underwater without killing it. There’s also a camera timer, slow motion modes, auto focusing and car mode.

On the other side, the SJ6 features gyro stabilization, remote controlling, FPV mode, dash cam mode and it is water-resistant.


As we all know MGCOOL isn’t afraid of slashing the price on their products just to make a point in being the most affordable action camera maker. Indeed their MGCOOL Explorer costs only $79.99 and you can get it for even less at Gearbest.

Meanwhile the SJ6 Legend still set you back about double the amount at $159.99, which gets quite expensive for somebody on a tight budget.


Both the MGCOOL Explorer 1S and SJ6 Legend are great 4k cameras, one has some advantages over the other and viceversa. If you like taking photos with your action cam then you will prefer the 20MP images you can snap on the Explorer 1S and also the slightly better battery life. If instead you can’t live without a touchscreen display then the SJ6 Legend is probably the best choice for you.

The main difference between the two is price definitely, the SJ6 Legend costs double the price of an MGCOOL Explorer 1S, whether that’s a good investment it’s up to you!

MGCOOL Explorer 1S

If you’re interested in getting an MGCOOL Explorer 1S, check out this offer over at Gearbest. To learn more about it click here.

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