Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus presumably cancelled, get ready for the Mi Note...

Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus presumably cancelled, get ready for the Mi Note 3


It seems that finally Xiaomi decided not to go through with the whole Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus “project”, which was deemed as not profitable, due to production issues with its ceramic coating. Remember that the Mi 6 Ceramic Edition has been plagued by the same issues and the company decided to postpone its launch until the second half of May.

xiaomi mi 6 plus

This means that the company will focus its efforts on launching the Xiaomi Mi Note 3 model, which will be their only flagship smartphone with a quite large display. Rumors say that the Mi Note 3 will be presumably equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC, along with 8GB of RAM, 128/256GB of storage, 5,7 inch OLED dual edge display with 2K resolution and a massive 4070 mAh battery. However news about its possible price are quite good, and insist that it will have the same price tag as the Mi 6!

The Xiaomi Mi Note 3 is expected to be unveiled during Q3 2017, right about the same period with Samsung’s Galaxy Note8, and we don’t know if this is a good, or bad thing for the Mi flagship. What do you think?

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  • Not surprising – there is not that much difference between the Note 2 and the Mi 5S Plus other than the shape of the display. The truth is that the market is too crowded already with too many very similar phones. Probably costs more than it’s worth to flood the market with too many lookalikes.

  • Zero

    Actually Snapdragon 835 ended to be a massive dissapointment. Better to use their own Surge S2 to see how well implemented is their chip.

    • Raky_b

      massive dissapointment!?

      • Zero

        Sadly yes. Compared to Snapdragon 821 the improvements are really small, even worse, in float number performance there is a little downgrade… Also there is Apple that started to get a bigger and bigger advantage against the rest of ARM competitors and now the advantage is so abyssmal that Apple could have some good apps that Android can’t due processor limits…

        • Yeti hand

          what kind of app? Photoshop? loooool, we’re talking about smartphones here. Please name a useful application that need a killer processor to work on a phone

    • Muhammad Yasir


  • Muhammad Yasir

    Xiaomi cancelling phones …

    declining ?

  • Guest

    Curved display? I pass, the thing is horrible and incredibly distracting.