Meizu Pro 7 leaked images hint at a secondary E-Ink display!

According to a recent set of leaked images, the upcoming Meizu Pro 7 flagship model could be equipped with a secondary E-Ink display positioned on its back, in order to notify users for any type of notifications.

meizu pro 7

As we can see from the render image above, the secondary display could be positioned at the left corner and its function may be to display time and date, reminders, WeChat message notification and others. The display looks like its made from e-ink which would make it less energy consuming as you can understand.

Obviously this design is something new in the market and it surely looks innovative enough. However we are curious to see how is it going to work for the everyday user, having to place all the time their Meizu Pro 7 on tables with the display facing downwards all the time.

In any case, recent rumors insist that the device will be unveiled really soon, packing Mediatek’s Helio X30 SoC, along with a 5.2-inch 1080p display up front and a dual Sony IMX386 + IMX286 dual camera on its back.

What do you think about this secondary display on its back?

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