BO-OS security system will be first adopted for Bluboo S8

Bluboo S8

With the recent virus outbreaks on the PC platform like the Wannacry ransomware in May or Petya right now, even the possible Android security is once again being questioned. And the brain trust in Bluboo offices decided it’s time to take the matter into own hands so they just announced a cooperation with 360 Security to launch an exclusive Android security system called Bo-OS.

360 Security is an established professional network security brand focused on protecting the network services, so definitely not some unknown wannabes. The BO-OS will aim to protect the security and privacy of the Android phone and we should see it used first in the upcoming Bluboo S8 model. Yes, that’s the announced handset with the 18:9 aspect ratio full display design.

According to the latest news we should see the Bluboo S8 released in July so that should be the date that the new BO-OS security system first steps into the world. For more information about that and more you can always keep an eye on the Bluboo’s official website.

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