First leaked info about new Oukitel K5000 with 5,7-inch 18:9 screen

Oukitel K5000

Seems like Oukitel is going to strengthten their “K” lineup with yet another device and today they leaked some first information about this coming Oukitel K5000 model. It should be released as a way to celebrate the Mid-autumn festival and Chinese National holiday and it also looks like it will belong into the growing family of full-display 18:9 phones.

But as the name suggests it will also belong to the “K” lineup which automatically means bigger battery as usual and it should be packing 5000 mAh SCUD high-density battery with a 9V/2A charger to feed it.

But of course the main selling point will be the double curved 5,7-inch display with HD+ resolution (1440 x 720 pixels), 18:9 aspect ratio and 90 % of usable surface. While the front screen will be only 2.5D curved the battery cover should be 3D curved and will adopt PMMC material for a firm grip.

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So far no information about the processor and memory capacities, but personally i wouldn’t expect miracles, because the revealed 16MP rear camera sensor is going to be quite dated Sony IMX135 and the front selfie cam is getting Samsung 3P3 21MP sensor. So my estimation would be more or less a budget device.

Oukitel K5000 should hit the market by the end of October and we shall see how low they will keep the price to make the model competitive. More information about it should be surely released quite soon on the official website.

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  1. sag
    October 2, 2017

    We are still waiting for promised Oukitel k4000 Pro Android 6.0 Upgrade!

  2. SoniC
    October 2, 2017

    I cannot recommend Oukitel to anyone, here a few reasons :

    –missed promises – Oukitel promised an update to Android 6.0 for the k4000 and k4000pro series (to arrive at the end of 2016). Till now no official update in sight.

    –ROMs are buggy as hell — call quality issues and the user needs to dig deep to solve some of them by himself (just check the threads — these are full of “fixes”)

    –k4000/k4000pro was advertised as an “unbreakable” phone. Two of my colleagues dropped it from under a meter — and guess what… a nice “spider web app” appeared on the screens

    –ROM issue in the latest k4000 version available for download — phone doesn’t enter sleep –> quick discharge. Only solution is to re-flash (with flashing tools) an earlier version

    –3 of 5 k4000/k4000pro stopped working after a year — charging problems — I assume a problem with the usb connector.

    Never touching Oukitel again!

    • Dominik Schmidtmeyer
      October 3, 2017

      Then you better should avoid ‘China phones’ at all.
      From the devices I owned (or friends of mine), oukitel has been one of the best.
      There’s nothing to complain on k6000 pro and u13. K6000 plus also seems to be fine.

      • SoniC
        October 3, 2017

        LoL. I am a die-hard fan of electronic devices from China (guess why I visit this site?) and tested more than few dozens of them. Also an Android developer since several years (started with 1.5).

        So…Nope. Disagree. Oukitel produces missed promises & devices that break after a year use. And even within this year the devices have many problems (call quality, software problems etc.)
        One of the Oukitels that didn’t break I still have as a backup, doesn’t mean I will recommend this brand to anyone anymore.

        • Dominik Schmidtmeyer
          October 3, 2017

          I thought you visited this site, to copy and paste your opinion about oukitel… Because this seems to be the only thing you are doing.

          But well

          • SoniC
            October 3, 2017

            “were fine”
            My (and my colleagues devices too) WERE also fine. Up to the point we found out a lot of software problems, these are still on Android 5.1 (promises, promises from Oukitel side to upgrade to Android 6 in late 2016), and one after another broke with similar problems (charging problems, battery, USB connector).

            I post this to warn everyone to think twice to buy Oukitel. And I will still do that.

          • SoniC
            October 3, 2017

            and if you check my discussions this is not the “only thing” I do.