Rumour: OnePlus 6 To Launch Early 2018

oneplus 5 vs oppo r11

Word on the grapevine this weekend is that OnePlus are set to launch the OnePlus 6 earlier than expected and that a OnePlus 5T won’t happen.

OnePlus did things a little differently for their past few launches. The OnePlus 3T was an updated version of the original OP3 and then rather than going for a OP4 the company moved right to the OP5. Now it seems that similar moves won’t happen next time around and that the next OnePlus phone to launch will be the OP6.

It’s simple to see why OnePlus chose to do what they did in the past. The OP3T update helped the company buy sometime before the launch of the OnePlus 5, while the decision not to release a OP4 actually comes down to the Chinese pronunciation of the number 4, which can also sound like the Chinese word for death…

What is quite interesting is the time frame for the OP6 launch. Apparently sources are claiming that the new flagship will launch in early 2018 at which time the current phone will be discontinued. If this is the case we should expect to see OP6 stock running low over the next few months to make way for the new handset.

The same sources are claiming that the OnePlus 6 will have a screen size to match it’s namesake, i.e. a 6-inch panel and that we might finally see the brand move to a higher resolution display for this handset.

Looking at what rivals are offering these days, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to believe that the OP6 will be a narrow bezel phone with a design that pushes the fingerprint scanner to the band of the handset to made space.

Given OnePlus’s long cooperation with Qualcomm we’re also expecting a jump in processor, possibly the Snapdragon 845, and while RAM and storage will follow the current phone the 6 could also be the first OnePlus flagship to get a micro SD card slot.

We’ll bring you more news as we get it.

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