Apple Investigates Reports of iPhone 8 & 8 Plus Swelling Batteries

Apple is having a difficult time right now as reports from Asia, North America, and Europe suggests that iPhone 8 or 8 Plus had a swollen battery. From the images below, you can see that the batteries actually bloated out and forced the smartphone casing open. These reports could be considered as fake but it is coming from different parts of the world thus Apple is forced to investigate the authenticity of these reports. As of now, there have been reports from China, Canada, Greece, Japan and Taiwan.

Apple confirmed the news and said it was looking into it although it didn’t say how many devices have been affected thus far. These smartphones only went on sale on September 22 and it is quite surprising that these issues are coming up. Nevertheless, the reports appear to be limited considering the number of devices sold. We do not know the actual cause of this issue but speculations suggest that it could be as a result of overcharging the battery.

Recall that Apple’s arch-rival, Samsung, also had battery issues with its Galaxy Note 7. Samsung’s case was more intense considering the fact that the batteries actually went up in flames and the South Korean manufacturing giants had to recall the Note 7 smartphone at a huge cost.


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