Camera Focus Bug Hits Samsung Galaxy S8

When you fork out $700 for a smartphone, you would expect perfection at least for the first year. However, this is hardly the case with many current flagship smartphones as they often go down with one issue or another shortly after launch. Samsung’s Community Forum has been buzzing with frustrating comments with regards to the inability of the Galaxy S8 to automatically focus when taking photographs using the default Camera app and third-party offerings, like Snapchat. Well, manual focus still doesn’t work with autofocus out of play thus you are left with blurry images irrespective of the mode you’re shooting in.

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Samsung recently issued a statement listing out somethings that can be done to address this bug (listed below). This issue doesn’t seem like a software issue thus if the listing below by Samsung doesn’t work, you will have to send your unit for fixing under the terms of the firm’s one-year warranty.

  • Ensure your handset’s operating system and all of your applications are up-to-date.
  • Gently tap the back of your unit to lodge any loose components back into place.
  • Clear all application caches and data.
  • Perform a full factory reset.

There have been comments which confirms that deleting the camera cache or gently tapping on the camera module as listed above fixes this issue. If you are experiencing this problem, try doing the above-listed solutions and tell us the result.

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  1. Zagarza
    November 29, 2017

    Samsung is shit…I prefer Xiaomi still. It takes care of its babies