Oppo R11s Is The Best Smartphone For Pro Photography

Once Nick Fancher, a Columbus, Ohio-based commercial and portrait photographer that specializes in lighting said his goal is to show people can create HQ photos without using a conventional studio. Say, when you don’t have a flash, find a garage and shape the natural light. Moreover, if you want a small flash look larger and softer, you can always bounce it off a white wall that is in every house. If you want soft light in a tight space, place the light behind/beside the subject. So we can state while using affordable gear, you can always get pro photos. This also means you don’t need a SLR camera. Say, smartphones have become very popular recently when it comes to shooting photos. That’s why you can find strong camera features in many top-notch flagships. In this sense, Oppo has always been known for its good cameraphones. All Oppo-branded flagships sport great camera sensors. The latest addition to the line is no exception. Therefore, the Oppo R11s can be used for shooting great photos.

Oppo R11s

The Oppo R11s features a 20MP front camera, and a 20MP telephoto sensor accompanied with a 16MP wide-angle sensor on the back. The 20MP sensor comes with a large aperture of f/1.7, 1/2.8″ sensor size, and 1.0 µm pixel size, while the 16MP lens uses a 1/2.8″ sensor size and 1.12 µm pixel size.

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As the company explains, the 16MP sensor is mainly used to meet requirements of daytime shooting, while the 20MP sensor is used for capturing photos in dark conditions. The latter will intelligently identify the dark scenes and rearrange the pixel combination. Plus, due to the dual-camera module, you can take photos with a bokeh effect.

At last, to create better photo effects for portraits, the company has built the Portrait Lab. Among its member, we can mention Russell James, a photographer for Victoria’s Secret for 20 years. Those members provide a number of suggestions on adjustments for the portraits.

It turns out the Oppo R11s is one of the best smartphones shooting pro photos without using a conventional studio. The manufacturer also pays too much attention to photography performance improvements. Though many Chinese smartphone makers such as Huawei and Xiaomi act identically, Oppo benefits more.

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