Practical Assessment  Of OPPO R11s Night-Light Images

Its been almost a month since OPPO R11s went official and a lot of accolades has been heaped on this smartphone. Theoretically, the most attractive parts of OPPO R11s are its “full-screen”, and “camera”. Today, we are not saying anything theoretical but we will be looking at some real-life night-light images shot at different environments with this camera to assess its true performance.

OPPO R11s Camera

Before we go into the details of the images, let us look at the details of the camera itself. OPPO equipped the R11s with two independent rear cameras in order to enhance the night-light shot. It comes with a 16MP which is responsible for taking images in a good-light environment to ensure high-quality resolution.

This snapper is supported by another 20MP shooter whose job is to take amazing images in low-light environments. When the light is not enough, the pixel reconstruction technique will be used to synthesize every four pixels into a new pixel with a larger light-sensing area, thereby increasing the amount of light entering a unit pixel and effectively enhancing the night-time strength.

In a high-sensitivity camera with pixel reconstruction technology, a single pixel area reaches up to 2μm. This value is the same as the previous HTC M7 with super-sensitive camera pixel area which is currently one of the best smartphone cameras.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at OPPO R11s night proofs:

When taking photographs in the night with this camera, please ensure that the 20MP camera is optimized for night-light images. If this is not done, and you shoot images in areas with low ambient light, you will be left with poor images with almost no visible detail to the naked eye like the images below.

However, the images become much better with the single pixel reconstruction and the output image is magnificent. OPPO R11s imaging performance is not only good for outside shot, it’s also perfect for an indoor shot at night. The image quality of the main camera IMX 398 is very good and the system automatically turns on high-resolution camera in low light condition if you don’t tamper with the settings. Now, take a look at some stunning night-light images taken with the OPPO R11s camera


To sum up, OPPO R11s night shot ability is indeed very outstanding. Whether the light condition is poor or in complex light situations, OPPO R11s images are almost impeccable. This shows that OPPO’s work on its camera has been successful. The independent operation of two cameras for different light situations is actually beautiful and it will possibly create more possibilities for the future development of dual-cameras.

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