The Elephone S9 Pro gets more Interesting – It’ll also Feature Wireless Charging!

Elephone S9 Pro

Elephone keeps surprising us with new revelations about the upcoming Elephone S9 Pro. About a week ago we learned that the S9 Pro will be equipped with NFC, well apparently the wireless capabilities of the smartphone will increase with the addition of one more technology; let’s find out what it is!

Elephone S9 Pro

It’s not that hard to imagine what we’re talking about as it’s mentioned in the title, but still, the Elephone S9 Pro is said to be coming with wireless charging support. This isn’t an absolute first for Elephone though, as some of you may recall the P9000 actually had the feature as well.

This move probably follows the one from Apple that went all-in with wireless charging on the latest iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and X. This charging method is thus getting more and more mainstream with charging spots popping out everywhere, knowing that, Elephone’s decision appears to be quite smart.

Elephone S9 Pro

Other than simplifying life, wireless charging is also a good way to reduce possible damage to the physical charging port at the bottom of the device, this increasing the life span of the phone.

The Elephone S9 Pro is slowly getting an always more interesting handset, from previous rumors we know it’ll pack a Qualcomm CPU, an NFC module and now wireless charging. Are you guys looking forward to it? Let us know down below!

Learn more about Elephone products on the company’s official website.

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