Punk Brand: A Real Phone Maker Or Just Viral Marketing Nonsense?

Punk Brand, the start-up that says it want’s to “f*ck up the mobile industry” has been quiet for the past few days leaving fans with the question “Is Punk Brand For Real Or Not?”

Splashing on to social media a few weeks ago with claims that they planned to “f*ck up the mobile industry” and even being so bold to call other brands boring or less interesting than themselves, Chinese start-up Punk Brand, isn’t a brand to pull any punches. Their cavalier attitude to marketing and the way that they interact with fans on social media is unlike anything we’ve seen from any Chinese brand ever.

Punk Branding or Marketing Nonsense?

Bad language, bold claims and calling the competition boring is a unique way to gain attention and unsurprisingly it’s worked with the brand gaining a small online following even before they’ve announced a phone.

But is their actually going to be a Punk Brand smartphone, or is this Facebook Page all about talking a good fight without actually having anything to back their words up with?

In fact, if you take a good look at all the Facebook posts from Punk Brand they’ve been very careful to not actually mention what they intend to launch. They haven’t released any teasers for a phone, although they promised they would once reaching 100 likes, fans that have spoken with the brand on social media have been met with off the cuff remarks or clever one-liners.

Thanks to messages from followers of the Punk Brand Facebook Page and our own conversations with the company from various personal accounts, we can confirm that Punk Brand isn’t forthcoming with any technical details and seems more interested in playing games, even trolling, it’s own followers.

Based in Shenzhen?

This could be all part of Punk Brands plan to build an alternative brand image, something to disrupt the mobile industry, but as some fans have pointed out it might simply be because Punk Brand doesn’t actually have a product yet!

punk brand

It’s been very difficult to get an official response from Punk Brand about its plans, it’s phone etc so we have had our contacts in Shenzhen ask around about this vocal startup, but so far none of our industry insiders has heard anything about the company and most queries about the brand are met with the same statement “Who?”.

A New JiaYu?

One theory is that Punk Brand is a new brand that is being headed up by ex-JiaYu engineers. The rumour started after the brand posted an image of the JiaYu G3 a week or so back, however since then they’ve also posted an image of an FAEA phone of the same era.

What Do You Think?

As much as we would love to see a new phone maker with a new outlook on marketing that could bring something new to the Chinese mobile industry, we’re not sure Punk Brands will be the ones to do it. The lack of technical details, the fact their promised teaser didn’t appear, their aversion to clear answers and the fact that no one in Shenzhen has heard of them leads us to believe that Punk Brand might just be Punking us.

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