LEAGOO CARE – Service Center Launched in EU and More to Come

Leagoo Care
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Just last month, LEAGOO officially announced their global service project – namely called LEAGOO CARE, which is intended to provide all LEAGOO users local service support in the coming 1-3 years. Today, the company confirms that the first LEAGOO CARE local service center for EU region is ready to open in Poland on February 1st.

Leagoo Care

For the majority of customers, fast and effective service support is extremely crucial after purchase. Unfortunately, however, many phone manufacturers, especially those who are pure online retailing brands, don’t have local service centers established overseas. Customers purchasing phones from these online retailers often find it impossible to locate a place nearby in which to get their phones repaired. So when customers phone problems, they will normally purchase a new phone instead of having the old one repaired, even when the old device is still within warranty period.

Leagoo Care

That’s why LEAGOO decided to set up local service centers for its users all around the world. As a very popular online retailing brand, LEAGOO is one of few online retailers actually establishing local service centers for its users.

LEAGOO’s newly established Poland service center provides local service to LEAGOO EU customers. LEAGOO claims that in EU a malfunctioned smartphone can be fixed within 3 working days upon receipt, which is a good news to local EU users troubled by smartphone issues. So far, the warranty duration for LEAGOO Europe market is as long as 2 years.

Leagoo Care

After the successful setup of EU service center, LEAGOO’s Russian service center and Nigerian service center are about to come as well. Within the coming 1-3 years, according to LEAGOO’s roadmap, LEAGOO local service centers will be widespread all over the globe.

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You can find LEAGOO’s smartphones that will take advantage of LEAGOO CARE on Gearbest, Banggood and AliExpress; they are: LEAGOO T5, LEAGOO T5cLEAGOO KIICAA MIXLEAGOO S8LEAGOO M9.

Leagoo Care

What do you guys think about the news? Does having a service center closer to you make you want to buy their phones? Let us know down below!

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