Elephone U Pro display details coming from official Madrid launch

Elephone U Pro

Elephone has finally officially launched the Elephone U and Elephone U Pro in the press conference that took place in Madrid this morning at 11:30AM local time. At the event, the company seemed to focus on different key aspects, this time it’s all about the displays; let’s learn more about them!

Elephone U Pro

So, according to what Elephone stated after the phones launch event, the curved AMOLED screens on the two devices is what caught people’s attention the most. The displays do indeed feature various neat details which we’ve listed down below:

  1. Flexible and soft display for a strong visual impact.
  2. Extreme ultra-thin fuselage, perfect appearance.
  3. Screen with a wide color gamut and colors that pop out.
  4. Low gray light color, during night mode or low-light situations this could increase performance.
  5. “Spontaneous light technology”, ultra-low power consumption, longer endurance.

In addition to the features above, the curved AMOLED screens on the Elephone U’s are more expensive to make as only few companies produce these kind of displays aside from Samsung which has almost monopolized the market.

Elephone also revealed that it took them more than 300 days to bring this stunning phone to the market, starting from initial design and optimization to final launch. The company focused more on making a really good product for customers to love, other than releasing a mediocre device for the masses.

This change of path also signifies that Elephone does no longer want to be recognized as just another “ordinary” Shenzhen based brand, but become a big player in the smartphone industry by bringing top quality devices.

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Elephone U Pro

What do you guys think about the curved AMOLED display? Is that a enough of a good reason to purchase their device? Drop a comment below!

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