Athena, Luna and Uni Are Codenames For Upcoming BlackBerry Smartphones

TCL controlled BlackBerry brand is trying to get back on its feet after some rough years just like Nokia. The company is scheduled to launch two or three smartphones this year and current reports have it that these devices will be codenamed Athena, Luna, and Uni. BlackBerry has initially stated that it will unveil at least two devices with a physical QWERTY keyboard like BlackBerry KeyOne.

The “Uni” codename was recently spotted by letsgodigital in a document where BlackBerry filed for patent and trademark. This smartphone will have a similar appearance to BlackBerry Priv. If any of these codenames do not belong to a smartphone then it will be the “Uni” because BlackBerry Uni shares same registration codes as the Uni360 which is a VR headset. We have the Alcatel Uni360 which is also owned by TCL.

The “Athena” codename is associated with a device that retains the keyboard-based designed and it is reported that this smartphone will come with 6/8GB of RAM, 64GB of internal storage and it will have larger keys than BlackBerry KEYone. Rumors also speculate that it will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 chipset with dual-rear cameras.

The credibility of the “Luna” codename cannot be ascertained because the information emanates from different sources. However, this smartphone seems to be the BBE100-1 model and it is probably one of the KeyOne phones to be released this year.

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