Smartisan Nut R1’s 1TB Storage’s Working Speed Tested

Smartisan R1

Recently, Hammer Technology has released a new flagship named the Smartisan Nut R1. The latter comes with a top-notch Snapdragon 845 mobile platform. But this can’t be considered as the most eye-catching feature of the phone. As you remember, the manufacturer has been promoting it as a revolutionary phone. When it was announced, we learned this description refers to the 1TB native storage. But customers wonder whether the large capacity affects the read/write performance. To know it, some users tested the phone via Androbench.

According to the benchmark, the Smartisan Nut R1’s 1TB storage runs out with a reading speed of 1158MB/s and a writing speed of 389MB/s, while most of the other flagships come with a reading speed of 800MB/s and a writing speed of 200MB/s. Agree, it’s quite amazing a large capacity storage also works faster.

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In response to this ‘research’, the founder of the Hammer Technology, Luo Yonghao explained how they could reach such a working speed. According to his words, the Smartisan Nut R1 uses an exclusive dual-512GB flash memory chip solution. The sequential read/write speed is equivalent to two channels that can increase the speed by 20-30%. But it is only effective for I/O operations. There is no difference in actual use. That’s why they didn’t share this information before.

Smartisan Nut R1

In fact, the level of running scores does not represent the actual experience of use. In other words, the performance of a single component does not represent the actual performance of the whole device. But even if so, it’s pleasant to know the reading and writing speed of the world’s first 1TB handset doesn’t suffer from a large capacity.

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  1. Rabbitkun
    May 26, 2018

    Ssoooo, it’s a phone and portable hard drive in one. Well with R1 I guess big brand flagships should come with a minimum of 128gb rom.