Hammer Won’t Make Nut Smartphones and TNT Products Anymore

Nut smartphones

Yesterday, ByteDance, the parent company of Hammer, made a new decision, pressing the pause button for Hammer and TNT.

ByteDance has recently merged the Xinshi Lab established by the original Hammer Technology team into the educational hardware team led by the original founder of Musical.ly, Yang Luyu.

In the future, the Bytedance hardware team will be under the unified responsibility of Yang Luyu, and will report to Chen Lin, the senior vice president of Bytedance and the head of education business.

The ByteDance hardware team will focus on the education field. And it will suspend the research and development of Nut smartphones, TNT displays and other products.

This morning, the relevant person in charge of Dali Education responded: ‘We are optimistic about the prospects and value of educational hardware. In order to enhance the R&D capabilities of the educational hardware team, Xinshi Lab will merge with the desk lamp team to form a Dali Smart Team and focus on education hardware. The service of Hammer users will not see any changes. We will continue to explore the innovative opportunities of Smartisan OS to give users a better experience.’

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Nut smartphones

For Nut Smartphones Users, The After-Sale Service Won’t Suffer

For Hammer smartphone users, ByteDance said that user services will not suffer and will continue to explore and innovate Smartisan OS. But this statement still worries players who have bought Hammer phones.

On this, Zhu Haizhou, the product manager of Nuts expressed his opinion on Weibo. First of all, he thanked everyone for their concern and condolences. He said that it was not convenient for him to say too much before the official announcement.

Zhu Haizhou said that users who have already bought Nut smartphones do not have to worry. The after-sales service and system maintenance will continue normally. This statement once again gives Nut users a reassurance. At least, the current smartphone service and maintenance will not stop.

As for future development, Zhu Haizhou also said that he is still in the Smartisan OS team. And he will continue to explore opportunities for system innovation.

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