Super premium LG V35 signature arrives next month: report

LG introduced a limited edition LG V30 signature at the end of 2017. Now, with the rumored LG V40 launching approaching, reports out of Korea suggest the Korean giant might introduce a limited Signature edition of the LG V35 ThinQ later in August.

Like the V30 signature,, the LG V35 Signature obviously won’t be for everyone, it is targeted at those who love ultra exclusive kinds of stuff with premium price tags. Local media reports that the LG V35 signature will be priced at about 2 million won which translates to around $1,790.

At that price, you will get a special edition LG V35 with a nearly indestructible body(scratch-resistant body), 6GB RAM as well as 256GB of storage. Other specs and features are reportedly the same as the base LG V35 ThinQ, however, you will be offered a separate after-sales call service with additional benefits for a “premium experience,”  when you buy the limited edition LG V35 Signature, but is could this really be a justification for the high price tag?

Much like the V30 Signature, only about 300 units of the LG V35 Signature will be produced and should be available only to those in Korea. We are not sure exactly when the device will be released, though we expect that to be done via a press release in the coming days.


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