OPPO Find X Face ID Satisfies WeChat Pay Biometric Standard

Recently, the Android version of WeChat updated to version 6.7.2 and the Face ID authentication became open for compatible Android devices. However, not many Android devices come with an acceptable FaceID feature. Now, OPPO Find X has become the first Android phone to support WeChat face payment. OPPO Find X uses OPPO FaceKey 3D structured light technology to build a complete 3D facial information for users through 15,000 invisible light. The security level is very high and the user’s facial data acquisition takes only 0.03 seconds with an algorithm speed of 0.1 seconds.

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In order to achieve WeChat face payment, OPPO and WeChat team launched a deep technical cooperation. WeChat face payment supports TENCENT SOTER biometrics to ensure that the user’s facial information is not uploaded to any server, and all key steps are performed in TEE (Trusted Execution Environment). TEE signature credentials cannot be imitated or tampered with. The OPPO Find X satisfies TENCENT SOTER biometric standard, algorithm standard and the physical attack test of Tencent Security Xuanwu Lab, which eventually made the device to be the Android mobile phone to access WeChat face payment.

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