Nubia Called on Everyone to Take off Their Smartphone Cases

Nubia X

The smartphone market’s development is profitable not only for the phone makers only but also for numerous companies that make accessories for smartphones. As you should know, it is as lucrative as making smartphones. Moreover, most of the current flagship smartphones come with ceramic or glass housing. Thus, it’s a real headache to use them without protective cases. That’s why most of us scarify the beauty of our phones in benefit of their longevity. However, this is going to change with the launch of the Nubia X, if believing in the new video teaser.

Nubia X

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Just yesterday, Nubia officially posted a small video called ‘Throwing the Phone Shell’ on Weibo. In the video, Nubia called on everyone to take off their smartphone cases and make the perfect side of the machine show out. And this is believed to be one of the big selling points of the upcoming Nubia X. After all, as a dual-screen flagship, if you use a phone case, it may affect the beauty and key advantages of the device. It is also predicted that the Nubia X will have considerable surprises in terms of the material of the fuselage and the strength of the machine.

As a sincerity for the 6th anniversary, the Nubia X may come with a number of black technologies, becoming one of the most innovative smartphones and start a new era in the smartphones history. Previously, it’s been said the Nubia X will have up to 8 highlights. They should include the genuine full-screen, the secondary color screen, AI, new camera layout and technology, new wireless charging technology, the highest price tag, etc.

It is expected to be officially uncovered on October 31. As you remember, this date is also reserved by Huawei, which uncover the Honor Magic 2 with a sliding screen. So maybe one of them has to change the launch date of their phones as OnePlus did?

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  1. Shad8x
    October 20, 2018

    Oh boy i love the wave of truly full screen smartphones, almost all major Chinese manufacturers are being more revolutionary than Apple. And selling it for less than their “budget” iphone XR.

  2. Dan (ResoluteCustoms)
    October 21, 2018

    ‘highest price tag’? That doesn’t seem like a highlight to me.

  3. Cinegain
    October 22, 2018

    I loved the edge-to-edge screen on the Nubia Z9 and its Frame Interactive Technology (F.I.T.) implementation. Wish they’d bring that back. Believe the Z11 might’ve still gotten it. But I think they then ditched it.