Microsoft announces massive software piracy in Asia

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Some months ago, Microsoft suspected that its software was massively pirated in Asia. Subsequently, the company commenced an investigation and today, it announced the result. In theory, PCs comeĀ pre-installed with a licensed version of Windows. However, Microsoft found that many PCs in Asian retail stores has pirated systems. The victims are usually theĀ unsuspecting customers who will face a couple of challenges after purchasing these PCs.


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Microsoft’sĀ investigation was more like a survey. The company purchasedĀ 166 PCs in nine Asian countries and found that 100% of PC devices purchased in South Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand were equipped with pirated software.Ā India’s pirated probability is 91%, Indonesia 90%, Taiwan 73%, Singapore 55%, and the Philippines is 43%.Ā South Korea and India are very well-developed markets, but they are clearly defying the rules of software piracy.Ā Overall, 83% of PCs purchased in the Asian market between May and July 2018 hosts pirated software, in addition to the free Windows consumer version, Microsoft said.

Mary Jo Schrade is the assistant general counsel and regional director of Microsoft’s Asian Digital Crimes division in Singapore. She said that in India,Ā 85% of pirated Windows computers are loaded with malware, including backdoor software for Bitcoin miners.Ā ā€œFree software is not really free,ā€ Mary Jo Schrade warned.Ā “Cybercriminals are constantly developing their technology to evade security measures, and embedding their malware into pirated software is one of their strategies because it allows them to put a lot of personal computers at risk and get a lot of data credentials.”

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ā€œWhen vendors sell pirated software, the software contains malware on their personal computers that not only encourages the spread of malware in the region but also places their customersā€™ personal information and digital identities at the discretion of cybercriminals.” she pointed out.

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  1. Freeje238
    November 4, 2018

    Microsoft license is quite cheap. Check Taobao.

  2. Marius Cirsta
    November 4, 2018

    Free software can be free lady. I’m running Linux and enjoying it right now. Also I’ve got no malware or mining stuff because it’s just open source and trusted software so yeah , the usual crap from Microsoft.