Lenovo Thinkplus lipstick 65W charger released for 299 yuan ($43)

After the release of Lenovo Z5 Pro, many people are beginning to take Lenovo serious again. Today, the company held a release conference where it unveiled a number of products including the Lenovo Thinkplus lipstick 65W charger. Other products include Thinkplus luggage, Thinkplus backpack, Thinkplus Bluetooth headset, and Thinkplus portable charge.

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As of now, the  Lenovo Thinkplus lipstick 65W charger has been put on the ThinkPad official website, the official ThinkPad flagship store, priced at 299 yuan ($43). The Lenovo Thinkplus lipstick charger has a mini body design and it is only 0.063L in size and weighs only 123g. It has a lipstick-like shape. The Lenovo Thinkplus lipstick charger is equipped with multi-type Type-C, 65W/100-240V full-voltage cross-border adapter and it can be used to supply power to your smartphone, tablet, and other equipment. Its 65W charging capacity greatly increases the charging speed and that is the big deal with this charger.

In addition, the Lenovo Thinkplus lipstick charger has 3C safety certification and Lenovo’s stringent power certification thus there is an assurance that it is safe. It is worth mentioning that at the Lenovo Thinkplus Conference, Lenovo Vice President, Zhao Wei, expressed the hope that the Thinkplus lipstick power charger could become the first product of Thinkplus with a sales volume of one million units.

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  1. Freeje238
    November 16, 2018

    There are cheaper alternatives at a third of the price. Clearly, Lenovo wants you to pay extra for the brand.

    • techenthusiast
      November 19, 2018

      This is a fast-charger that charges any usb-c device for less than $50. Please do your research before you troll.

    • Freeje238
      November 19, 2018

      And it’s true that you can get one from Taobao for a lot less than $50. Do your research!

    • techenthusiast
      November 20, 2018

      Taobao. nuff said