Huawei Smart TV To Come Within 6 Months

Huawei smart TV

We have heard Huawei is about to enter the smart TV market. This was confirmed today once again. The clue comes from a trademark protection document called ‘Huawei AI Window’. The subject matter is related to LCD panels and smart TVs and is planned to be introduced to the market within 6 months.

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Four years ago, many major Internet product manufacturers entered the smart TV industry. The best example of this is Xiaomi, which has managed to make a tough competition to the old-timers. As Huawei is going to do the same (or even better), everyone wonders whether it is going to follow the same strategy or Huawei’s plans are wider.

Huawei smart TV

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The sales of Huawei smartphones in the Double Eleven have completely crushed Xiaomi. Though there are other giant smartphone makers such as OPPO and VIVO, Xiaomi is the closest rival of Huawei because of the similarities in strategies and goals. These two domestic companies have begun a comprehensive competition in the field of intelligent hardware and IoT. In China, Huawei’s most direct competitor is Xiaomi.

In the future, the window for people to obtain information will be divided into three screens: the smartphone screen, car screen, and color TV screen. So those companies that are making ‘small-screen products’ also want to enter the big screen market to share a piece of cake. It is not the screen itself, but the information carried by the screen.

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Smart TV is just a good carrier for Huawei’s layout of AI + IoT, and it is also a new window for Huawei’s user circle traffic. It will allow connecting all smart home devices through TV and carrying all the information on smart life through a TV. Thus, when we are home, we don’t rely on smartphones. The huge number of users brought by the IoT service will allow Huawei to have a huge amount of traffic, and realizing the rapid development of Internet services by realizing these traffic. With the 5G era, the IoT market will usher in another explosive growth.

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