Huawei Re-established TV Project Team: Entering Smart TV Market?

Huawei TV

Despite the weak domestic color TV market and the decline in profits of most color TV listed companies, this niche continues to be very attractive to many tech brands. Huawei is one of them. It’s reported that Huawei has re-established the TV project team and conducted research on the hardware and UI levels. Apart from this, the Huawei TV project team has recently recruited people and is also in contact with upstream panel makers. Unlike Xiaomi’s TV, Huawei may focus more on the 8K display in the 5G communication era (that is, the resolution is 7680×4320 pixels). However, Huawei has officially responded to this rumor, saying that ‘they had not heard of it.’

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But we are not naïve to believe in every word Huawei says. Peng Xiandong, general manager of Zhongyikang Consumer Electronics Division has said that Huawei began to make research in the color TV market five years ago and recently communicated with some TV panel factories. ‘So, if Huawei makes TV, it is not surprising.’ This person also believes that, first of all, Huawei will not be limited to the field of communication equipment, because the communication equipment market, including smartphones, has already experienced rapid growth. Huawei must find new strategic industries, while IOT (Internet of Things) and smart homes prospects are broad. Huawei has already laid out business services such as home routers and home Internet. So the next step can be for the big screen products.

Secondly, Huawei phones have a large number of users. So it should do its best to meet their new needs. At the same time, at present, TV users have gradually become accustomed to paying to watch videos. The value of AURP (average consumption) of Chinese smart TV users has reached 60 yuan/year ($8.75). If the enterprise reaches the 10 million ($1.46 million) level of activated smart TVs, it means that the operating income of one year can reach 600 million yuan ($87.53 million). So it’s quite attractive to Huawei.

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