Xiaomi Will Not Enter The Real Estate and Automotive Fields


Every day either Xiaomi or its eco-chain enterprises are launching new products that belong to any niche you can imagine. That’s why there have been some rumors claiming Xiaomi is going to enter the real estate and automotive fields. However, at the annual meeting of a real estate business, Fan Dian, general manager of Xiaomi Group IoT platform, said that Xiaomi would not enter the real estate and automotive fields.

Fan Dian said that Lei Jun has repeatedly stressed that Xiaomi has to dig deep into the Internet, and they will not touch the traditional industries like real estate and automobiles. The biggest point of interest for Lei Jun is to let Xiaomi embrace AI+IoT, which is the future of the Internet.

As you remember, earlier, Xiaomi Technology founder and CEO Lei Jun said at the 5th World Internet Conference that ‘AI+IoT’ is the future of the market and one of Xiaomi’s core strategies. Today, the application of artificial intelligence + IoT technology has been widely used in the TVs, small light bulbs, alarm clocks, and other devices, allowing them to be controlled via AI.

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Particularly, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi started to lay out the ecological chain as early as 5 years ago. Now, we can say the artificial intelligence can be better integrated into the life of ordinary people. As for now, AI has begun to fully empower Xiaomi, and there have been AI blur and AI beauty functions as well as scene recognition and other product innovations of AI technology on the Xiaomi smartphones. At the same time, Xiao Ai voice assistant can also be linked with many smart terminals, such as smartphones and speakers through voice and multi-modal interaction, and more than 56 types of smart home appliances, including the air purifiers, sweeping robots, rice cookers, TVs, etc.

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