Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-Sales Surged by 400% Compared With S9

Samsung Galaxy S10

At the Samsung Galaxy S10 series China conference, Samsung shouted the slogan of ‘strong return’. It is not difficult to see that Samsung wants to use its three flagships of the S10 series to impress Chinese users. According to the latest data released by Samsung and, the popularity of S10 is much higher than that of previous generations, regardless of the number of views or pre-sales. It seems that the Samsung S10 series has hit an important shot in the Chinese market and not only.

According to Samsung and’s ‘Samsung Galaxy S10 Jingdong Debut Scheduled Super Battle Report’, the Samsung S10 series has more than 10 million views on Jingdong, which is equivalent to the daily amount of people on the Beijing subway. After the pre-sale starts, in 1 hour, the pre-sale volume of the Samsung Galaxy S10 surged by 400% compared with the S9. As for the pre-sold units, most customers were from Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In addition, among the three Samsung Galaxy S10 models, the S10+ has had the most pre-sales, accounting for more than half. So there is every reason to think the large screen is still very popular regardless of its pricing.

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Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series not only maintains a strong product force but also brings a relatively affordable price to Chinese consumers, as low as 4,999 yuan ($745), which is the main reason why Chinese users can accept Samsung’s new flagship. However, according to Korean media reports, the performance of the Samsung Galaxy S10 series in the Korean market is not ideal. The first day of booking showed only 140,000 reserved units. For comparison, it was 180,000 for the S9, while for the Note 9, this number was 200,000 units.

Samsung Galaxy S10

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