Xiaomi 600g water purifier makes over $18.4 million

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is one of the most diverse tech companies in the world. It designs all sorts of products ranging from smartphones to home appliances. Today, Xiaomi Mall officially announced that the Xiaomi 600g Water Purifier which was released for 2499 Yuan ($372) made over $18.4 million from its crowdfunding which ended a few days ago. This device is already a hit and the company will definitely bring more of it to the market.

Xiaomi 600g water purifier

The Xiaomi 600g water purifier adopts a large-flux reverse osmosis filtration technology which makes the water output speed fast, stable and flow continuously. It also uses a high-precision water filtration technology which combines a 4 layer purification system. This eliminates rust, heavy metals, bacteria, and unpleasant from tap water. According to the company, every drop of water comes out fresh and clean.

In addition, the Xiaomi 600g Water Purifier intelligently and automatically purifies the water based on the amount of waste products that it detects. Furthermore, this gadget uses RO reverse osmosis technology to intercept harmful substances up to 1 million μm, remove bacteria, filter scales, heavy metals, antibiotics, etc. These cannot be removed by ordinary water purifiers. Xiaomi claims that the water that comes out from this purifier is at the drinking water standard.

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