Counterattack of a small brand – XIDU Tour Pro VS laptops of famous brands

XIDU Tour Pro

For laptops, the prices of hardware are relatively transparent on the market and there are few technical barriers. As a result, homogenization of products seems very common nowadays. However, it also provides small brands opportunities to compete with famous brands with large-scale operation. Many emerging notebook brands may not enjoy high reputation, but their user experience is not inferior to international manufacturers at all. XIDU company, one of these emerging brands, launched its new product, Tour Pro, the performance of which has surpassed that of their counterparts from large brands in many ways.

For laptops, 2K resolution (2560*1440) presents a huge watershed. Compared with 1080P resolution (1920*1080), 2K has been significantly improved in terms of definition. Famous brands like Dell and Hewlett-Packard (HP), set the price of products with 2K resolution at 800$ or more and position them at middle and high levels. As for their affordable laptops, their resolutions are usually 1080P at top in order to save costs. Even Xiaomi notebooks, which are known for its cost-effectiveness, presents no surprise in the regard. The Xiaomi notebook Air and the Xiaomi notebook Pro are both equipped with only 1080P resolutions.

Although the price of Tour Pro is a great choice of the people at only 300$, its screen configuration is by no means inferior to that of high-end products from famous brands. It has a 2560*1440 resolution IPS screen, which is not frequently seen in laptops at similar prices. This allows users to enjoy the ultra-high-definition visual experience of middle and high-end laptops at a relatively low price. Other products at similar prices are no match for it with regard to definition when it comes to watch a movie with Blu-ray quality or above.

Fingerprint recognition is standard configuration on mobile phones, but it is still not very popularized on laptops. As users raise their awareness of securing personal data, many manufacturers begin to add fingerprint recognition modules for laptops. At present, the most frequently-adopted solution is to set up a separate fingerprint identification module near the keyboard such as the ThinkPad, known for its business functions. Indeed, such a solution protects users’ data, but it is not perfect in the aspect of aesthetics.

Tour Pro adopts a more sophisticated solution of fingerprint identification that integrates the module into the power button. This kind of design is very rare in the industry. At present, only a few laptops such as Huawei Matebook X and LG Gram have adopted this design. It combines the starting-up process of the laptop and fingerprint unlocking into one, and helps users directly reach the desktop when booting, which greatly improves their efficiency. It not only ensures the security of users’ data, but also takes convenience into consideration.

In addition, XIDU Tour Pro has many advantages such as a multi-touch screen and easy-to-carry weight. It is equipped with Intel’s 8th generation Kaby Lake R processor and 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, meeting more than daily office needs. If you are currently looking for a beautiful and cost-effective laptop with reasonable configuration, why not include this Tour Pro on your list? Maybe it can bring you comfortable user experience that greatly exceeds your expectations.

You can much more information about this laptop or many other XIDU products on their official website. And they even have a nice spreadsheet featuring many interesting discount coupons for various laptops so check it out too.

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