Xiaomi Roidmi NEX new wireless vacuum cleaner crowdfunded for 1699 yuan ($248)

Today, a new Xiaomi Roidmi NEX suction drag one wireless vacuum cleaner appeared on Xiaomi crowdfunding. This new device comes with a 120,000 turn brushless motor, 60 minutes battery life and has a 1699 yuan ($248) crowdfunding price. You can find the crowdfunding on Xiaomi Youpin HERE.

Xiaomi Roidmi NEX

The Roidmi vacuum cleaner is designed with suction and drag thus it can suck and drag at the same time. It adopts a bionic intelligent slow-drop technology, which is derived from the principle of plant capillary. When mopping the floor, it automatically absorbs moisture and keeps the mop moist. When it is still, the water will not overflow. With the microfiber mop, it can evenly and thoroughly clean the ground.

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When the wet mop is used, the ordinary soft velvet roller will be wet and will not continue to be used. To this end, Roidmi Innovation has developed a new generation of nano-scale hydrophobic fiber soft velvet roller brush. This brush is waterproof and stain-resistant, blocks water molecules from entering the fluff fibers, and does not wet after being exposed to water.

Xiaomi Roidmi NEX powerful suction is the new generation Engine-X digital brushless motor. It has a speed of up to 120,000 rpm and total power of 435W. With the innovative direct suction channel design, it can stably output 145AW suction power and 23500Pa vacuum. Roidmi NEX also uses a new generation Air-X dust separation technology to achieve dust separation by a simpler multi-stage tornado with a simpler structure to solve the problem of suction reduction.

In order to achieve better air filtration performance, Roidmi NEX adopts a front and rear filter elements to achieve 4+2 double purification, pre-filter interception filtration, and post-filter deep purification. This brings fresh air purification and it is comparable to air purifiers. It is equipped with a BMS-X battery management system, which can effectively realize the intelligent optimization management of 8 LG/Samsung lithium battery. This device can work for 65 minutes and it also comes with APP control. The APP pays attention to battery life in real time and reminders are sent out when necessary.


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