Huawei will dominate the world despite the Trump decree, promises the founder

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Huawei has just been granted an additional 90-day reprieve to work with its US suppliers. Yet, despite the promised relaxation at the G20, Donald Trump still firmly refuses to lift the sanctions, saying the firm represents a threat to US national security. In an internal memo relayed by our colleagues in Reuters, Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, responded quickly to Washington’s latest decisions.

Huawei will conquer the world in 3 to 5 years, believes Ren Zhengfei

The founder urges the company’s employees to switch to “battle mode” in order to achieve sales objectives. As often, the 74-year-old uses metaphors and military vocabulary to galvanize his employees. “The company is facing a critical moment,” warns Ren Zhengfei. In a previous speech, the founder admitted to underestimating the extent of US sanctions. Despite his apparent confidence, the leader still seems worried.

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“If you cannot do the job, then make way for our tank to roll; And if you want to come on the battlefield, you can tie a rope around the ‘tank’ to pull it along, everyone needs this sort of determination!” Encourages Ren Zhengfei. Recently, he had even announced the creation of “an invincible Iron Army” and the complete reorganization of Huawei.

“In the first half, our results looked good. This is probably due to the sympathy of our Chinese customers and their timely payments, which has inflated the cash flow” says the founder. Despite the current crisis, Huawei has generated a business figure up 23% for the first half of 2019. This success is largely due to the excellent sales figures in the Chinese market.

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“In 3-5 years time, Huawei will be flowing with new blood” then promises the founder. “After we survive the most critical moment in history, a new army would be born. To do what? Dominate the world,” Ren said. By 2021, Huawei should be completely independent of American technologies. To achieve this, the group will intensify “strategic investments, including production equipment,” says the founder.

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