Analyst: Apple’s new iPhone 11 series are overpriced and somewhat outdated

Apple iPhone 11 series

After a long wait, Apple’s 2019 new iPhone 11 series has been launched and its now on pre-sale. However, market research analyst Yurica Odujmovich believes that Apple’s new iPhone is overpriced and outdated. According to him, the latest iPhone lineup did not bring anything new. Like the previous devices, the highlights of the iPhone 11 are not surprising for the Android camp. Jurica said that comparing the Android smartphone with Apple’s latest flagship smartphone, you will find that the former is much more cost-effective than the latter.

iPhone 11

Comparison of the new iPhone 11 and Android flagship

1. Comprehensive screen solution

The new iPhone comes in three models: the iPhone 11 (starting at $699), the iPhone 11 Pro (starting at $999), and the iPhone 11 Pro Max (starting at $1,099). They look like the older iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max models. It even retains the “annoying” notch that covers part of the display.

The Android smartphone camp has viable solutions: the Samsung Galaxy S10 series ($749 to $999) uses punch-hole display. OnePlus 7 Pro ($699 to $749) retains a full-screen design with a pop-up camera design. Thus, it takes no space on the screen.

2. Camera comparison

According to Apple’s official introduction, the iPhone triple rear cameras are 12MP main sensor + 12MP ultra-wide-angle camera + 12MP telephoto lens. The camera seems to be the biggest upgrade of the iPhone over the years. In this regard, Apple is obviously late. Although great, they are no better than some existing Android phones.

According to Apple, the telephoto lens of the iPhone 11 Pro is capable of four-fold optical zoom. Not bad, but the Huawei P30 Pro ($746-$790) telephoto lens can achieve 5x optical zoom, 10x hybrid zoom, and 50x digital zoom. The P30 Pro also features a 32MP camera that captures more detail than the iPhone 11’s 12MP camera.

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The iPhone’s night shots work well, but if you want a better night mode phone, just look at Google Pixel 3 ($499-$699). Patented technology ensures unparalleled detail and color clarity. 

3. Fast charging

The iPhone’s charging speed (18W) is lower than the Samsung Galaxy S10’s 20W or optional 45W charger. Samsung’s flagship product is also faster in wireless charging, providing 15W of power, while Apple has only 7.5W.

4. Missing features

Buying the iPhone 11 series is “cool” but you will be without the following features 

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack;
  • Expandable storage (Samsung Galaxy S10 can be expanded to 512G);
  • 60 Hz screen (OnePlus 7 Pro has a 90 Hz screen, other Android phones may also follow this trend);
  • Reverse wireless charging function – so you can’t charge your friend’s mobile phone or your smartwatches like a Huawei P30 Pro or Samsung Galaxy Note 10 does.

5. iPhone 11 lacks innovation

However, Apple is no longer the same. If a company wants to regain the title of innovation leader which it once owned, it needs to start paying attention to competition and commit to developing specific functions and leads rather than following the trend. At this point, for Apple today, innovation simply means improving and repeating what the real industry innovator, the Android phone makers, did many years ago. Either do this or lower the price and look for profit elsewhere (service subscription). It seems that Apple may choose the latter.

Lynnette Luna, a principal analyst at GlobalData said “The question for the new iPhone series is whether consumers will find enough value to upgrade to new phones, or until 2020 when Apple expects to launch 5G intelligence. The main selling point of the iPhone 11 series is better camera functionality.”

Yurica believes that although Apple has cut prices, it is still not enough. You can’t buy cutting-edge equipment at all, and this is Apple’s biggest flaw this year. Though Apple lowered the price of the cheapest phone in the product line, you still have to pay a premium. However, Juricha said that the iPhone 11 series is not bad. Far from it, they are stylish and elegant mobile phones that users will find very enjoyable. I bet the cheapest model iPhone 11 will sell very well.


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  1. erisa
    September 14, 2019

    The lenses in the back look kind of wacky.