New ‘Unrepairable’ Apple Chip Vulnerability Allows iPhone To Jailbreak

Apple iPhone Jailbreak

Axi0mX recently shared a new vulnerability called ‘checkm8’. This allows almost all Apple A11 and all previous chips to be jailbroken at any time.

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As you know, Jailbreak refers to the method of obtaining advanced permissions of Apple’s iOS system through some software and hardware vulnerabilities. Because of Apple’s strict control of its ecology, this behavior is not officially recognized. And Apple stipulates that once the iPhone is jailbroken, it will lose its warranty.

Axi0mX released a video showing that the iPhone X (with the A11 chip) was booted in engineering mode. This can only be achieved by extensive modifications to the system core. In other words, the iPhone X in the video has been successfully jailbroken.

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According to the description of the process, it took only two seconds to crack the device. Moreover, the iPhone is running iOS 13.1.1, which is the new version of the system. However, at present, the Axi0mX method can only achieve semi-permanent jailbreak, and it is necessary to connect the computer to reload the system modification every time it restarts.

Axi0mX says that the most special thing about checkm8 is that it is a ‘non-repairable’ hardware vulnerability. This simply means it can’t be blocked with an update system like the iOS software system vulnerability.

Of course, the average user does not have to panic. At present, checkm8 is still a long distance from the perfect jailbreak. And as long as the user does not take the initiative to jailbreak, his phone data will not have any security risks.

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