Xiaomi EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine crowdfunded for 99 yuan ($14)

Today, Xiaomi announced its 416th product for crowdfunding. This time, the company is crowdfunding the Xiaomi EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine. This device is selling for 99 yuan ($14). The Xiaomi EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine takes care of fingerprints, oil, and also removes odour. While his device can be used to clean a variety of products,  it is basically for cleaning glasses and jewelry.

Xiaomi EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine

The EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine comes with a high-frequency vibration of 45000Hz. This separates the air in the liquid from water, forms bubbles of 50-500 microns, expands and ruptures under the action of sound pressure. In addition, its instantaneous impact force of 1000 atmospheres continuously washes the surface of the object. It emulsifies and peels off dust, bacteria, and oil.

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The Xiaomi EraClean ultrasonic cleaning machine uses an anti-slip Nordic style 304 stainless steel with touch buttons. It comes with a dimension of 211 x 100.8 x 60.2mm. However, the cleaning tank size is 158 x 68.5 x 38.5mm. The device weighs 345g, and the power is 15W. Presently, the company has raised 2,214,624 yuan ($309,000) from the crowdfunding. There is only 13 days left. After the crowdfunding, an official sale will probably start at a higher price. 


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