Apple Began Producing iPhone XR In India: Some Items Will Be Shipped To Europe

iPhone XR

Some sources report that Foxconn has begun to produce the iPhone XR in India. Plus, it will also produce the iPhone 11 later. This move will reduce iPhone manufacturing costs, but Apple is not prepared to cut prices.

Foxconn iPhone XR

Particularly, the report says, after several weeks of trial production, Foxconn’s plant near Chennai, India, has begun to fully produce the iPhone XR.

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Apart from this, there were reports in April this year that Foxconn will test the iPhone in India in a few weeks. At the time, Foxconn did not specify which models of iPhones it would produce. It was subsequently reported that Foxconn will produce the iPhone XR and iPhone XS in India and plans to ship it in August.

But people familiar with the matter said Foxconn’s production plan was postponed because it was still awaiting approval from the Indian government. The Indian media reported today that Foxconn’s production line in India has started, production of the iPhone XR, and the iPhone 11 will be produced in the future. However, at the moment, we don’t know whether the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are produced in India or not.

As the previous news said, the iPhone produced in India is not completely targeted at the Indian market. Apple also plans to export some of the iPhones produced here to other markets, such as Europe.

As you know India’s laws support the use of locally sourced parts in equipment. So Apple can save about 10% of the production cost of iPhone XR by transferring production to India. But seems Apple does not intend to reduce the price of the iPhone.

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