Redmi Note 7S burns spontaneously – Xiaomi’s replies that the damage is due to external forces [UPDATE]

Since the advent of smartphones, we have always had issues with batteries going up in flames. In this regard, the 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 case regularly comes to mind (some cases are still in court). While some of these battery issues are general, others are isolated cases. It appears that we now have an isolated case for the Redmi Note 7S. This smartphone was released in May 2019 and there have been no popular battery cases so far. Nevertheless, a Xiaomi user, Chavhan Ishwar, is currently not smiling due to his ordeal. 

Chavhan Ishwar ordeal with the Redmi Note 7S and Xiaomi

According to Mr. Chavhan, he bought the Redmi Note 7S from Flipkart on 01/10/2019 and received the phone on 03/10/2019. The phone was working fine until 02/11/2019 when it went up in flames. According to him, on November 2, he placed his Redmi Note 7S on top of a table while he was working. Suddenly, there was a burning smell in the office and it turned out that his new phone was burning. The transparent cover was already melting and the phone was very hot. From the report, he wasn’t charging the phone and never dropped or mishandle the device. As expected, he contacted a Xiaomi authorized store in Thane and it was difficult to extract his SIM due to the severe burn.

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Xiaomi’s response to Chavhan Ishwar

After a couple of days with Xiaomi, the company claims that analysts found an “abnormal burnt marks and damage new battery fix area display”. This means that his application for replacement can not pull through. Not satisfied with the response, Mr. Chavhan placed a call to Xiaomi and the response was quite hilarious. According to him, the company replied: “Sir the battery is not covered under Warranty”. If you carefully observe the images, you will see that the burn most-likely emanates from the bottom of the phone, about the position of the battery. Even the heat map on the rear of the phone is just around the battery.

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[UPDATE] Xiaomi’s response to GizChina

A few hours after we reported this case, we got an official response from Xiaomi which throws more light to the incident. The company said

“At Xiaomi, quality of our products is of utmost importance. The trust that Mi Fans have shown in the brand for the past 5 years is a testament to that. We also take pride in having one of the strongest after-sales networks in the country with an aim to solve customer issues seamlessly. In this particular case, after careful examination, it was concluded that the damage was caused due to external force, and thus, classified under ‘customer induced damage.”

While the owner of this device is clearly unhappy with his ordeal with Xiaomi and the Redmi Note 7S, his case is obviously an isolated case. If you have a similar experience with this device, let us know in the comment.

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  1. IjorjI
    November 19, 2019

    And who makes the curves and buggy firmware?
    Firmware from which the phone warms up like a stove and eats a battery like a hungry elephant? Definitely not the Chinese. On Chinese firmware, everything is fine!
    So tell (India?) programmers, let them get down to work.

  2. Sefy Levy
    November 19, 2019

    Basically Xiaomi who are 100% at fault, are trying to shake off and blame the customer on a brand new device! certainly not tempted to buy anything from them again!

  3. Raine Heartily
    November 20, 2019

    Smartphone right now have internal detection for hardware tampering.
    Simple breakable stickers to parts code to sticker that design to change color upon exposure to water or others.

    Most possibly xiaomi detect shoddy repair job or replaced battery from not official repair shop.
    Hence, “new battery fix” part of the official statement.

    not so official battery replacement are odd considering xiaomi mostly have 1 year warranty and good chance that note 7 is still under warranty. And even if its not under warranty the fix in the official shop is not that far in price compared to grey market fix.
    unless he went to cheaper route and get cheaper non xiaomi battery.

  4. peer nethichai
    November 20, 2019

    no .!! why not

  5. peer nethichai
    November 20, 2019

    no!”” why not

  6. dedication261
    November 20, 2019

    Lol they shouldn’t have called it a note 7… that name is doomed.

  7. dedication261
    November 20, 2019

    Also…when samsung used a Chinese manufacturer… they had basically the same problem….. just saying………

    • Lazar Prodanovic
      November 20, 2019

      They still use it and its the same one & same which Xiaomi uses.

  8. Lazar Prodanovic
    November 20, 2019

    First of all battery’s that Xiaomi uses are the same ones from second Samsungs China supplier. Evidently they didn’t improve anything after all the fuss they played with. Secondly force needed to be applied to health battery cover in order to rip it off is equal to hard hammering. This shows the “quality” of Xiaomi enclosure. The third it’s evident by photos that battery cover got a minor hole which would be hard to imply mechanical and nearly impossible in closed case enclosure. The lithium is highly reactivate light metal when exposed to oxygen in air and once burning process is started (which is instantly) it can be only slown down by putting it in as pure alcohol you can find. If they have anything in their heads they won’t only give him a new phone but also a paid all inclusive vacation before this gets on popularity as when it does it will cost them arm and a leg & not only they will lose on consumers bases (sales) but also on supply chain as I mentioned how those are Samsung batteries and Samsung won’t like this at all.

  9. Tony Stewart
    November 22, 2019

    It seems that the Xiaomi investigation team gathered information on the devices accelerometer and they believe the phone suffered a hard impact? Or was the battery replaced? In any case Xiaomi should have just given this customer a new device and saved themselves the embarrassment. I love their products, but how they treated this customer is pathetic.