Top 5 Best Chinese Phones for Under $100 – January 2020

Best Chinese Phones

Welcome back to our first top 5 for the year 2020. As always, in this edition we’ll be checking out the best Chinese phones you can get for less than $100. Interested? Then keep reading!

Best Chinese Phones for Under $100

1. Redmi 7

At almost at year from its unveiling, the Redmi 7 is still one of the best smartphones you can get from China for less than $100. The smartphone does indeed pack the still very good Snapdragon 632 CPU, along with a maximum of 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD).

The handset then features a 6.26-inch panel with HD+ resolution, Corning Gorilla Glass 5 coating and a notch at the top. Camera wise, the device equips a primary 12MP shooter paired with a secondary 2MP sensor to snap photos with bokeh effect. Meanwhile at the front we have an 8MP selfie snapper.

Finally, the Redmi 7 is powered by a 4000mAh battery and runs MIUI 10 based on Android 9.

2. Redmi 8A

Best Chinese Phones for Under $100

If you want a more recent device just for the sake of it and you value battery life over performance, the Redmi 8A is another very good entry-level alternative coming with a large 6.22-inch HD+ display and powered by a super efficient Snapdragon 439 CPU.

In the camera department we find a single but good 12MP shooter, a Sony IMX 363 image sensor with F/1.8 aperture. Meanwhile at the front we have an 8MP selfie snapper.

But the best selling feature of the device is the autonomy. The Redmi 8A does indeed come with a massive 5000mAh capacity battery. This paired with the efficient CPU could bring 2 days or more of use time.

Best Chinese Phones for Under $100

3. Vivo U1

vivo u1

Gizchina News of the week

Next we have another device powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 439, the Vivo U1. The smartphone also features a 6.2-inch of HD+ display (720 x 1520) and a 19:9 aspect ratio.

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The Vivo U1 does come with two rear cameras though. Including a primary 13MP shooter paired with a secondary 2MP sensor. On the front, we have a single 8MP snapper for selfies.

Vivo’s entry-level phone packs a 4030mAh battery and runs Funtouch 4.5 OS based on Android 8.

4. Huawei Honor Play 3e

Huawei Honor Play 3e 

Meanwhile if you’re a Huawei / Honor admirer and you like EMUI, the Honor Play 3e isa very good all-around device for just less than $100. The handset comes with a compact 5.71-inch display and is powered by a MediaTek Helio P22, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable storage.

The smartphone also features a main rear camera with 13MP resolution and a f/1.8 wide aperture lens. Meanwhile at the front we find a 5MP selfie snapper.

Huawei’s entry-level phone is fueled by a 3020mAh capacity battery and runs EMUI based on Android 9.

5. Oukitel WP5

Oukitel WP5

Last but not least, for those who need a rugged phone we have the recently launched Oukitel WP5. Oukitel’s device comes with a 5.5-inch HD+ display, a MediaTek Helio A22, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage (expandable via microSD).

The smartphone also packs a total of three cameras including a primary 13MP sensor, 5MP secondary and a third 2MP sensor. For selfies, we instead have a single 5MP snapper.

Finally, the smartphone comes with a massive 8000mAh capacity battery and runs Android 9.0 out of the box.

Best Chinese Phones for Under $100

Best Chinese Phones

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  1. Sefy Levy
    January 13, 2020

    False information at it’s best, you keep putting the Redmi 7 at #1 for under 100$ and even in the link you provided, it’s 184$ and has 3GB and not 4G ram.

    Yet the one phone that still has better overall specs then ALL the phones listed here which IS under 100$ (eg: standing at 80$) is the Vernee T3 Pro

    • Pierre GizChina
      January 13, 2020

      We provide a link to Gearbest for reference, it’s possible to find the smartphone for much less. In fact, when we first added the Redmi 7, it costed $100 or less on some websites. Now, the price appears to have gone up for some reason.

      Also, I accept that you prefer the Vernee T3 Pro over the options on the list, but I don’t see how it has better specs with its MediaTek MT6739W, a chipset I’ve been trying to avoid due to readers complains. It’s also from July 2018 with Android 8 and probably won’t see any updates.

      Still, thanks for your feedback. We’ll do our best to provide a better selection next month.

    • Sefy Levy
      January 13, 2020

      I’ve checked just about all phones on your list and to be honest, other then being huge sized bricks, they are not under 100$ and most of them are over the 100$ range.

      Now, as an ACTUAL user of the Vernee T3 Pro, i’ve not had a SINGLE issue with it for over the year that I have purchased it (AND it supports 128GB memory card, tested and working with it now), so I don’t know what kakamania fish stories readers are complaining about, but i’ve seen many complaints on Redmi & Lenovo phones (my sister HATES her phone, especially the horrible MIUI).
      As for compelete fair specs side-by-side, the T3 Pro has way better specs on the overhaul then anything on the list here. It’s only downside is the no update to anything over v8.1 which honestly is bullocks for an entry level phone.

      I’m not a representative and I don’t get bonuses, but as a guy who prefers smallers phones (for me, even the T3 Pro is way too big), then those on your list are both NOT under 100$ and are simply not impressive in specs in comparison.

    • Pierre GizChina
      January 13, 2020

      I don’t know how you look for their prices but the Honor Play 3e, Oukitel WP5 and Redmi 8A are definitely under $100.
      The Vivo U1 is now a couple dollars above $100 which could become less with a little coupon and, given its specs and quality, it’s probably worth the full price either way.
      The Redmi 7 has a price that fluctuates a lot but it’s been sold for less than $100 in the past.

      As for the size, I cannot do much about it, it’s the industry trend. The Honor Play 3e is 5.71-inch though, with pretty much the same height-width as the Vernee T3 Pro but slimmer.

    • Sefy Levy
      January 13, 2020

      How am I checking prices? by the links you provided from the most recommend place to ever buy anything, why? GearBest use GCX for shipping, a known ripoff company that when the item comes to your country, they try to charge customs in costs that are ABOVE what the law requires.

      eg: I bought a phone from GearBest which was a 100$, they tried to charge me 75$ customs (law says 33$) and when I said to send it back, they don’t do that! and you don’t get your money back from GearBest!

      Now, to the phones, Vivo u1 doesn’t appear in the link AT ALL, the HUAWEI HONOR PLAY 3E goes for 250$ in the link and the only one that’s in the 99.99$ which the link actually works is the OUKITEL WP5 4G

      And that brings us to ACTUAL costs! the Vernee T3 Pro which goes for 80$ now (was 70$ majority of the time) goes UNDER customs costs and it includes free shipping, so you don’t end up having to pay EXTRA on the cost, which in some countries can be a major load of money.

      and again, in the OVERHAUL unbiased specs side-by-side, the T3 Pro eats all you got listed here without adding salt.

    • Pierre GizChina
      January 13, 2020

      I thought I was quite clear when I said the Gearbest links are there for reference, meaning you can save time and buy the phone for whatever price they sell it at, or you can find a better deal yourself.
      After all, it’s a top 5 best Chinese phones for under $100, not top 5 phones on Gearbest. Do you know how limiting / bad would that be?

      Also, since you seem to imply I’m dishonest about it, here’s a screenshot of the Honor Play 3e on AliExpress for $88.99. Cannot post a link cause it gets blocked but item ID is “4000435036766”, look for it over there.

    • Sefy Levy
      January 13, 2020

      I’ve most certainly did not imply or hinted that you are dishonest in any way. I was just going by the links you provided in GearBest (which again, i’d not recommend ANYONE to buy from them).

      Now if we go by me (each user location is different) then the Honor goes by 84$ and 17$ shipping, which is of course 101$ meaning customs would charge additional 33$ (each country is of course different).

      But if I comapre a 2GB phone, with a single camera and 3000mah battery, then i’m sorry, it’s specs are way lower and more expensive then the T3 Pro which you get for 80$ with free shipping everywhere.

      That’s why I keep complaining that you don’t include a phone which specs wise, is still overhaul better deal compared to the costs. It should atleast be an “honorable mention” considering it beats just about anything on the list.