Xiaomi Mi 10 To Support New WiFi 6 Standard With A Faster Connectivity

Xiaomi MI 10

In recent days, we learned about three outstanding features of the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 smartphone. They include the Snapdragon 865, LPDDR5 memory, and UFS 3.0. Today, the manufacturer officially announced its new flagship will come with WiFi 6 support.

Xiaomi Mi 10

WiFi 6 is the latest Wi-Fi standard in the 5G era. Its speed has been doubled. However, not only the network speed is faster but also it optimizes the performance experience of a large number of devices at the same time.

WiFi 6 is IEEE 802.11ax. The official standard was released on September 16, 2019. That time, we learned this new standard supports from 1GHz to 6GHz (802.11ax using the 6GHz band is called WiFi 6E), including the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands currently used. Also, it is backward compatible with a / b / g / n / ac.

The goal is to support indoor and outdoor scenarios and improve spectral efficiency. Compared with 802.11ac, in high-density scenarios, such as railway stations, airports, and stadiums, it can increase the average user throughput by 4 times.

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Xiaomi Mi 10

Thanks to the introduction of uplink MU-MIMO, 1024QAM modulation, 8 * 8MIMO and other technologies, the theoretical maximum rate of WiFi 6 reaches 9.6Gbps.

Compared with the previous generation, WiFi 6 has a core technology called TWT. It can intelligently arrange smartphones or IoT devices to sleep when they don’t need communication. As you guess, this is done for power saving purposes.

Xiaomi Mi 10

By the way, previously, we have heard Xiaomi was working on a WiFi 6 router. It seems this product will be unveiled at the same event of the Xiaomi Mi 10. Thus, they will be uncovered on February 13. This router is going to be another cost-effective product, bringing the latest technology to larger masses.

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