2-in-1 Xiaoda wireless charger on sale from Ebay


Xiaomi ecosystem is really quite a massive place, where you can find insane amount of various products across categories. From mainstream technologies through obscure little gadgets to home accessories and apparel. Some of them can surely come quite handy and today we have for you one piece just like that. Well, who wouldn’t want a wireless charger with double purpose serving also as a heating mat for your mug full of chosen beverage ? Xiaoda 2-in-1 smart charger is exactly that and comes cheap for example from Ebay.

The wireless charging pad Xiaoda 2-in-1 looks a bit thicket than most of the usual charging pads, but that’s because it can also serve even higher purpose. You can place your mug on it and it will keep your beverage heated to the constant 55℃ tempreature with the 18W output. For the charging purposes the maximum charging power is only 15W though and it’s of course compatible with the Qi standards. The charging pad comes also with a black/white mug as a bonus and you can find it on Ebay for just $28.99. Who could resist such offer ?

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And while we are digging into the Ebay deals and gadget offerings we can point out another very interesting and super cheap 2-in-1 accessory product . And that’s the Huawei 2-in-1 data cable featuring both USB Type-C and micro USB on one end. So it’s a perfect universal cable for the current gadgets and you don’t need to carry one for each then. The length of the data cable is roughly 1m and it’s lightweight design with the cable covered by nylon braiding. For 3.29€ that’s really a steal.

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  1. newphoenix
    March 7, 2020

    Waste of money.