OnePlus 8 cases leak in HD renders

OnePlus 8 Pro

Like the good folks at GSMArena also say, OnePlus 8 series leaks have gone berserk ahead of its April 14th launch. They’ve not even spared the retail box of the series as it appeared online over the weekend.  We’ve previously already looked at official OnePlus 8 cases but here are HD renders that have leaked today.

We have a new Sandstone Cyan added to the collection along with a Smoky Purple and the standard Black. Then there’s also the Nylon Bumper case, the Transparent case, and the Karbon Bumper case. We presume these options will be available for the entire OnePlus 8 series.

There has been no shortage of unofficial information regarding the series but the OnePlus 8 Lite has mysteriously still eluded most eagle-eyed tipsters for some reason. The latest leaks also shed light on the European prices of the series and it pretty much puts OnePlus into the territory of Samsung, if it materializes. The base OnePlus 8 model is believed to cost €729 while the Pro model could go as high as  €930.

OnePlus is also debuting a 30W wireless charger this time around along with a pair of OnePlus Wireless Z earbuds.

If you missed one of those HD renders, here’s a more recent one that gives you an up-close look at the device.  For all the extensive coverage, you might want to check out this page here to get up to speed.

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