MIUI 12 hidden features – more tweaks for the upcoming Xiaomi UI


Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, is getting set to unveil its latest MIUI 12 UI. While we wait for the official launch of this interface, we are already getting tips on what to expect. A few days ago, we got information on the “first features” of the MIUI 12 system. These features include

  • MIUI 12 new navigation bar and gestures
  • New multitasking feature with animations
  • New camera UI
  • “Perfect” dark mode
  • New notification system

Now, there is a video that shows other hidden features of the MIUI 12. These features are quite amazing and interesting. They include

  • New Screen Time
  • Focus mode
  • Refresh rate
  • Anti-flicker mode


MIUI 12 New Screen Time

The MIUI 12 “new screen time” feature allows users to the exact timing of screen usage. This means that users can tell how much their display comes on in a day. This is a very important feature because the display of a smartphone consumes a lot of power. The new screen time interface shows that you can get hourly, daily or weekly information on the display usage. You also get information on the screen time spent on each app. Furthermore, you can set a screen time limit and this feature also tells you how much you have unlocked your device. Lastly, you can create a shortcut icon on your desktop. With one click, you can get all the screen usage information that you need.

Focus Mode

Another feature that is somewhat associated with the screen time is “Focus Mode”. The applicability of this feature is simple. If you need to concentrate on something else for some time, you can activate focus mode for the time duration you need. You have between 20 minutes to 180 minutes (3 hours). Within this period, your smartphone will not disturb you and all notification will be automatically silent.

Anti-flicker mode

The anti-flicker mode aims to reduce flicker in low-light conditions to lower eye strain.

Refresh Rate

We also spotted the “refresh rate” feature on the anti-flicker mode interface. However, there is no information on the workability of this feature

According to the description, this is an early beta version of MIUI 12 so you can not directly install this settings app. You need a Chinese beta version to update MIUI 12 hidden settings. See the video below

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  1. moj email
    April 14, 2020

    in 9:12 you can see that on the phone is MIUI 11

  2. Merl
    April 14, 2020

    This is a MIUI 11 beta: check the sources and don’t do clickbait. Just scam

  3. renan de arruda reginato
    April 14, 2020