WHO: About 450 Mailbox Info Leaked, Cyberattacks Increased Fivefold

WHO cyberattacks

Yesterday, the WHO issued a statement concerning cyberattacks towards its employees and not only. It turns out the number of cyberattacks that affected WHO employees and the number of e-mail frauds against the public has increased dramatically since the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic.

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This week, about 450 WHO email addresses and passwords were leaked. Also, email information of thousands of other people who studied the new Pneumococcal virus were leaked. WHO stated that because the leaked data was not fresh So the WHO system was risk-free. But the cyberattack did affect a longer-term external network system. And WHO is migrating the affected system to a more secure verification system.

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In addition, scammers posing as WHO are increasingly targeting the public, trying to direct donations from the real “Unity Response Fund” to fake funds.

Тhe number of cyberattacks against WHO is five times the same period last year many. WHO will build stronger internal systems and strengthen security measures, and educate employees on cybersecurity risks.

‘Ensuring the security of health information for the Member States and the privacy of users interacting with us a priority for WHO at all times, but also particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are grateful for the alerts we receive from the Member States and the private sector. We are all in this fight together,’ said Bernardo Mariano, WHO’s Chief Information Officer.

Also, the WHO asks the public to remain vigilant against fraudulent emails. The organization recommends the use of reliable sources to obtain factual information about COVID-19 and other health issues.

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