Huami N95 mask that allows face unlock in the works

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Smart wearable maker, Huami, is working on N95 FFR (Filtering Facepiece Respirator) masks. The speciality of the mask is that it won’t interfere with the face unlock feature of smartphones. Hence, by succeeding in this project, Huami hopes that by wearing these masks in public, users can protect themselves from deadly viruses and use their phones without any hassle.

According to XDA, Huami told them that they were working on a project called ‘uSmile’ a while back. The project’s aim was to showcase people’s smile and other expressions as they wear a mask during this COVID-19 pandemic. Now, recently Huami has shared the renders of a new N95 mask which has a replaceable N95 Filter. The name of this project is ‘Aeri’ and it is a disinfecting mask. Additionally, this mask aims to reveal facial expressions and thereby help people use their face unlock feature in smartphones.

Social distancing has become the most talking point during this pandemic and people are not able to recognize each other when wearing masks in public. Add to this, the N95 respirators are in high demand. The general cloth masks that most of them wear are not immune against the infectious droplets containing the SARS COV-2, or other viruses. 

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To overcome all this, and to ensure users wear a mask that is both safe and works well with face unlocking features in smartphones, Huami is developing this mask. The recent renders have two concept designs: X and Y. Main features of the mask include an anti-fog cover, a translucent frame, a replaceable filter pad, a ventilation fan, and a built-in UV light, among other components.


These N95 filter-equipped replaceable masks have a transparent front covering so that most of your face is visible. Airflow is on the sides where the filter is located. This makes us communicate to people and see their expressions in addition to allowing the authentication features to detect the face at workplaces and also in smartphones.


The mask is made of flexible materials to give comfort and tight fit on people’s faces. However, this mask is not washable in machines, as there are components involving filter, transparent materials etc. Hence, The Aeri masks use ultraviolet light to disinfect the mask when it is not in use. This is done by connecting the mask to a power source through a USB-C cable.

The masks have a detachable filter that can be replaceable, a ventilator fan for cooling and heating the air according to the environment, an AQI sensor for real-time air quality, humidity, respiratory rate, and filter expiration monitoring.

That being said, these are concept renders and are subject to change anytime. Additionally, the safety of these masks is a question until they pass a proper N95 Respirator test. Nevertheless, this is an interesting project from Huami and we will have to wait for further details about this in the future.


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    May 5, 2020

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