Xiaomi has officially renamed Mijia as Xiaomi Smart Life

Xiaomi has officially released a new name for one of its sub-brands on Weibo today. The original name was Mijia and now renamed as Xiaomi Smart Life.

Mijia brand introduces smart consumer electronics solutions. Now it will be called Xiaomi Smart Life. At the same time, the logo of the brand remained the same. The official announcement said there would be no more changes. At least for now.

Xiaomi has officially renamed Mijia as Xiaomi Smart Life

Of course, with devices previously sold under the Mijia brand, nothing will change. The rebranding has nothing to do with the product concept and device line – all this remains, only the designation changes. Although it is possible that Xiaomi will soon completely abandon the old brand in favor of the new one.

Mijia has recently launched a large number of new products, including electric kettle 1S, thermostatic electric kettle Pro, inkjet printing machine, display hanging lamp, 3KG mini washing machine, etc.

mijia washing maching

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Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver S300 released

The company has recently released the Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver S300. This product comes with a 99 yuan ($14) price tag. The Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver S300 uses a 3D floating veneer design. According to the company, this design ensures that every strand of hair is accessible. No matter where it is, whether protruding at the chin, throat, or depression at the corner of the mouth/jaw, it can get it. This ensures a clean and smooth shave without leaving traces.

Furthermore, this electric shaver comes with a double-layer blade + double-loop knife net for a faster and cleaner shave. The design also supports an automatic grinding head – the side of the head is also used for shaving. The double-loop knife net has a larger feed area than the single-loop knife net. It increases accessibility by 50%. The ratio of the inner and outer ring mesh teeth and the number of blades is 1: 2. This effectively balances the shaving efficiency of the inner and outer rings, and the shaving is more time-saving.

The Xiaomi Mijia electric shaver S300 body supports IPX7 waterproof. This means that it supports wet and dry shaving. It is also more convenient for shaving any part of the body whether it is wet or dry. Furthermore, this device comes with a 60 days of long battery life. A single charge can deliver 60-days usage. Interestingly, this device does not require any kind of special charger. It comes with a USB Type-C interface which means that your regular charger can charge this device.

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