The world’s first on-screen camera solution ready for mass production

The need for a truly full-screen smartphone display is forcing the industry to come up with innovations. Initially, the bezels got thinner, then the notch design came with the iPhone X. Furthermore, the notch got smaller, then the water-drop design before the latest punch-hole camera design. All these solutions have one aim, to get a more comprehensive screen. Now, report out of China claims that the world’s first on-screen camera solution is ready for mass production. The company with this technology is Chinese manufacturer, Visionox. According to reports, the solution achieves the best balance of display effect and screen transparency. This display panel comes with new driving circuits, and pixel structures. In addition, the display introduces highly transparent new materials that show a better quality display and photo effects.

on-screen camera

What does the Visionox on-screen display offer?

According to Visionox, this display offers more than the regular OLED displays. In addition, it is already in mass production and we should see smartphones with this display later this year. The company says that its display offers the following

True full-screen

Visionox says that the solution adopts a brand new process and packaging method. This solution eliminates the bottleneck of the mass production process and achieves batch delivery. The end products with Visionox’s InV see™ on-screen camera solution will hit the shelves soon. 

Makes transparency more transparent

In order to achieve the on-screen camera function, we must first increase the transparency of the camera area. This area is referred to as the sub-screen. The company used new organic and inorganic film materials with higher transparency. With this, it was able to enhance the transparency of the film layer structure. The layer replaces the non-transparent metal material to the maximum extent. The irreplaceable metal layer adopts a new material. With this, it achieves a dual effect to improve transparency and suppress diffraction.

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on-screen camera

Make selfies more natural

On the basis of updating materials and optimizing the structure, Visionox further “cleared” the interference factors in the secondary screen area, using the industry’s first drive circuit and pixel structure design to avoid the interference of the pixel drive circuit on the camera and suppress the display of the transparent area. The influence of lines and pixels on the front camera greatly improves the front camera effect.

Make the “Vision” more comprehensive

Transparency and display are inherently contradictory, and any “bias” on either side can make an on-screen camera solution impossible. To solve this challenge and achieve the best balance between the two, the company optimized the pixel arrangement in a special way that significantly weakens the primary and secondary screens.

In addition, we also made the main and auxiliary screens more natural in appearance. The brightness difference, color gamut difference, and viewing angle difference between the transparent secondary screen and the main screen are eliminated. Furthermore, the display consistency of the entire screen is much better. It brings a more uniform and comprehensive vision.

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