Say goodbye to punch-hole display – manufacturers commence mass-production of under screen cameras

The development in the smartphone industry over the past few years has been massive. The display segment has seen tremendous improvements all in a bid to achieve a full-screen display. The front camera and some other sensors are the major challenges in achieving a true full-screen display. However, we have seen designs such as a notch, waterdrop design, punch-hole design, pop-up camera, thin bezels, retro mechanical structure, and several other designs all seeking to improve the display. The latest design seeking to improve the smartphone display is the under-screen camera technology. As of now, the under screen cameras are not quite ready. However, many manufacturers are gearing up to use this technology.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 under screen cameras

The under-display camera design is a perfect full-screen solution. It will do a better job than the waterdrop, notch, punch-hole, and other special designs. Another interesting part of the under-display cameras is that they will not increase the thickness of the device. Taking into account the vision and feel, this technology will even achieve a lighter and thinner bezel device.

Visionox and Huaxing Optoelectronics are mass-producing under-screen cameras

Today, popular Weibo leakster, @DCS, claims that two manufacturers are already mass-producing this technology. According to him, Visionox and Huaxing Optoelectronics are mass-producing this technology. The official launch of the under-display camera should be in Q3 this year. These companies are focusing on high quality and speed. If the technology arrives in Q3, then we will see under-screen camera phones this year. If the applicability is good, we will probably experience a rush in the use of this technology next year.

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The display is entirely screen and there is no special cut on the display. OCD users no longer have to worry about the special-shaped design such as punch-hole or notch on the screen.

Many mobile phone brands have shown off-screen camera technology before, such as Xiaomi. Last year, Xiaomi showcased its third-generation under-screen camera technology, which was officially claimed to have reached the commercial standard for mass production.

Compared with the previous two-generation solutions, the third-generation under-screen camera greatly improves the display effect of the camera area through the self-developed pixel arrangement. Furthermore, through the optimization of the camera algorithm, it brings the same self-portrait performance as the conventional front camera. We can not say much about the performance of this camera until it arrives. There are reports that Xiaomi’s under-screen cameras will be official in August. Furthermore, the suppliers will be China Star Optoelectronics or Visionox. We will wait and see.

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